National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy


Development, creation, preserving and arrangement of using own and world information resources which correspond to the educational and research processes in the university, providing scholars and students, professors and university stuff with information basing on principles of availability, informational content and comfort. 


All Library subdivisions working hours.

Library Rules and Regulations

Rules of using library recourses and services, library registration procedure, library users rights and duties.


Structural Library subdivisions, their heads and contacts.

Library History

The history of Kyiv–Mohyla Academy Library formation since the end of the 17th century till nowadays.

Statistical Data

Main Library work indicators and Library reports of the previous years.

Library Scheme

Scheme of different Library departments in the university buildings.

Scientific Events

Conferences, seminars, round tables organized by the Library or attended by the Library stuff.

Events and News

Actual events and news taking place in the Library of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.


Bibliographic indicators and other scientific editions compiled by the Library stuff; librarians publications and publications about the NaUKMA library in scientific editions, newspapers, journals.

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