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Compiling a List of References

Two systems of standards are regulating bibliographic descriptions in academic publications now in Ukraine.

1. The first one, Ukrainian National Standard (DSTU) 7.1:2006, was published in 2007, and regulates bibliographic lists, lists of used sources and literature in scientific works.

The second, DSTU 8302:2015, is created to regulate the bibliographic references and lists of references, and is used at the same time as DSTU 7.1:2006.
The complete edition of DSTU 8302:2015 is available at the local network of the University in Ukrainian: Opens external link in new windowlink.
Academic journals might have different requirements to the articles applied, therefore researchers might find the necessary information on publishers’ web-sites. Journals also might use one of the international bibliographic standards.
Reference managers are helpful if you need to transform one citation style into another. You might choose such managers as Mendeley, EndNote, Zenodo, et al. This Opens external link in new windowtable allows compare managers (online VS. PC, free or subscribed, some operational system restrictions).

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