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NaUKMA subscription to Scopus and Web of Science prolonged and financed by government budget

NaUKMA subscription to Scopus and Web of Science prolonged and financed by government budget

This year Ministry of Education granted the access to international academic databases Scopus and Web of Science for Ukrainian educational and academic institutions. In 2018, the government budget financed this access for twice more educational and academic institutions than in the year 2017. The decree with complete list of institutions was published on the 8th November 2018 at the Ministry cite.

Our University has been included to the list of institutions that receive access to the both scientometric databases as last year as well. Institutions have been evaluated in scientific efficiency (publication activity, R & D financing, personnel).

Scopus – international reference and scientometric database of Elsevier company that indexes peer-reviewed editions: approximately 22 800 academic journals, 150 000 books, conference materials etc. Permanent access to the database at NaUKMA has been granted since December, 2016.

Web of Science Core Collection – complex of scientometric databases that are located at the Web of Science platform, which belongs to the company Clarivate Analytics. Access to the Web of Science at NaUKMA started in January, 2016.

Applying scientometric databases to your research activity, you gain the ability to follow international academic researches, receive relevant and update information in your field, cooperate with foreign partners, check reports on citation.

We also remind that NaUKMA awards with bonuses for the publications in academic editions, which are included into indexes of Web of Science Core Collection and Scopus. More information about bonus calculations and everyone awarded can be found by the Opens external link in new windowlink.

Using the Scopus database, we form a yearly NaUKMA Opens external link in new windowresearchers’ ranking.

There is an access to the both databases on any computer on NaUKMA campus via NaUKMA Wi-Fi net, also you can receive remote access due to the request.

For more information on e-resources at NaUKMA, please ask an electronic resources librarian Oleksandra Yaroshenko (1st building, room 120) or online help at our web-site.

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